Our 2019 parade was, by far, the biggest we have had in many years.  We continue to add more entertainment and surrounding communities consistently want to be involved.  This year our committee decided our theme should be a salute to veterans and our active service military personnel.  People resonated with this theme, as we all should.

Our Grand Marshall’s, Bill & Louise Scanlon, added another level of excitement and pleasure this year.  Our local political leaders were active with us once again and Mayor Cahill, as always, received the Grand Marshalls and gave a city wide hello and thank you to Santa Claus as well.

Special thanks to our committee for all of your help and support; Phil Broderick of Minuteman Press Beverly, Lauren Poussard of Lauren Poussard Creative Studios, John Kenney, John and Jaye Cuffe, Jerry Guilubee, Chris Mooney of Sterling Insurance and Real Estate, Steve Crowley, Ray Novack and Kevin Haratunian.  I also want to thank our Beverly Police Department for their support and their work to help us make sure this whole parade went smoothly and everyone remained safe.  I had the pleasure of working with Sargent Mike Henebury, our traffic officer who really was instrumental in putting all in place, much appreciated.

Also wish to thank our Beverly School Department for allowing us to stage at Beverly High School.  Finally another thank you to Tom Smith USMC Ret, our Senior Marine Instructor at Beverly High School for sending us a group of terrific young men and women from our ROTC program to help.  Also thank you to Jim Hill from FEMA for providing us with volunteers as well.

For those who would like to be involved we welcome your help, just let us know you are interested. Now onto next years parade.

Thank you.